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Ofcourse, when travelling around in Guatemala and Central America, a basic knowledge of Spanish is ‘a must’ to connect with local Guatemaltecos. Guatemala has several hotspots if you decide to slow down and learn some Spanish -or improve your existing knowledge.

Main Study Locations

  • Antigua: thé study-Spanish-location in Guatemala, with a lot of larger and smaller language institutions. Pro: lot of options – lots of others students – relaxed smaller city. Con: lots of other students – bit more expensive.
  • Quetzaltenango (‘Xela’): better option if you really want to connect with Guatemaltecos – bit less expensive than Antigua
  • San Pedro La Laguna: study Spanish at the Lago de Atitlan (!) – cheaper
  • Guatemala City: if you want to study in a more ‘business’ like environment – fewer young students (I studied Spanish at IGA)
  • Petén: study Spanish in the historical and environmental hotspot of Guatemala – combine with eco-volunteering

Must do’s when studying Spanish in Guatemala

  • follow a sala class, cooking class (ceviche!) or cultural lecture
  • combine your language course with volunteering in one of many social or eco projects; Antigua, Quetzaltenango and Petén region have a lot to offer – take your time to really get into the details of your project and think about your competencies and possible added value before choosing a project
  • combine course locations: search for a language school with more than one location – start on a higher level on a new location

Share your experiences

Did you study Spanish in Guatemala?

  • At which location and language school? What experiences did you have?
  • What activities did you join after classes?

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